Mar 20, 2010

Dream Bunny

He's made of milk chocolate, butter toffee, and a touch of pink Himalayan salt (Wha?) Here's the exact description from Vosges Chocolate:

Our new toffee bunny is sure to be a favorite with its flop-ears, petite pouf tail and unique interior of deep milk chocolate, crunchy butter toffee and a touch of pink Himalayan salt. A custom blend of milk chocolate, punctuated with just a touch of dark to deepen the flavor profile encapsulates crumbles of our popular Caramel Toffee.

Cute AND tasty?? Could this be my dream treat? At 12 dollars a pop, I'm not sure I could afford such an addiction, but he's defininitely one to try...

OH... and did I mention the soft BACON caramel they have too? Find it here.  Seriously? Bacon? WITH chocolate? I think I just died and went to heaven.

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