Apr 13, 2011

Cambridge Satchel Company

Top two imgs from ASOS, bottom ones from Cambridge Satchel Company

My love for satchels has definitely grown since I first set eyes on Proenza's PS1, and it seems like everyone who has a blog is loving these little gems too. Cambridge Satchel Company has been making these handmade old fashioned school satchels for years, but have only now resurfaced as a brand worthy of a following. 

Urban Outfitters and Asos both have them in stock, although if you live in Toronto like I do, I suggest you give Zane a visit at A2Zane on Queen West. He's currently the exclusive provider in Toronto of these lovely little bags and he'll be getting an array of colours in a matter of weeks. 



  1. ah, these satchels. i considered one for a while, but then i opted for a more rugged, distressed leather style when i got mine. these ones are really too plastic-y looking i think

  2. heyy! They do look a little on the plasticy side, but I kinda like it... a little structure is good in my books right now (funny though, I'm usually into the buttery soft kind of leather!)


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