Jul 14, 2011


Dear Friends,

As you may have noticed, this blog is no longer in use. You can now find me at a new (and improved!) website over at: asinkremains.com

Come on over and give us a visit.


May 23, 2011


I don't even remember how I found Grassdoe, but I've been addicted to the blog and keep checking back for new pictures. I like to picture myself in every shot and try to imagine what the air must smell like, or how it must feel like against my skin... creepy or dreamy? 

The photographer seems to follow the same group of people around as they seem to live the ideal life - in the woods, eating straight out of the forest all the while being photographed in what seems like heavenly environments. 

Check the rest out on the Blog here...


Pixie Styling


So I've been seriously impressed with the styling over at Pixie lately...  Good on you guys.


Orange and Tan

Orange and Tan hues have been colours I've been seeing for a while now, but new oranges keep looking fresher in their brighter tones and seeing the streetstyle photos above made me fall right back into them.
  1. Beige Roman Wedges // Jeffrey Campbell
  2. Bright Coral Shirt Dress // Pixie Brand
  3. Tulip Top // Bodkin
  4. Classic Box Bag // Céline
  5. Uniform Wares Watch 300 // SCP
  6. Colourblock Bolt Bangle // Marc by Marc Jacobs
  7. Oil Tanned Leather 15" Document & Laptop Holder // Ally Capellino
  8. People Havana Gold Metal // Super
  9. PS1 Large Satchel Bag // Proenza Schouler
  10. Smokey Quartz // Travel Finds
  11. Musk Eau de Toilette // Kiehl's


COLOUR: Theo Altenberg

Holy crap. Awesome colours and textures. All work/photos from Theo Altenberg.


Rifle Paper Co.

It's easy to go back to Rifle Paper Co. again and again because the work is always charming.  The blog is equally inspiring, with a great combination of new work and photos from recent trips.  Anna recently came back from a trip to Paris and the photos are beautifully captured and presented and give me such an itch to just take off and visit myself.

Ugh, and of course the work. I'm always a little too jealous when I see work like this... and one too many times I've probably yelled out obscenities because it's so good. Heck, take a look for yourself.

Like, seriously, I just kinda want to punch something.


IOU Clothing

Ok ok ok I've been away for days, but I promise it's because I've been working on a little  big project... I'm trying to get a website going for myself, a blog/portfolio/shop all-in-one kinda thing, and well, it's proven to be a handful. I'm hoping that I should be able to finish it and "unveil" it by mid-June but we'll see...

On another note, I discovered through Pinterest and Mint this amaaaazing project called the IOU Project.  IOU is pretty much my perfect vision for a clothing company - sustainable yet with great design, and presented with a clean and minimalist approach. These combinations are too hard impossible to find and yet here they are!

Kavita Parmar (owner and great visionary) dreamed of a sustainable, artisan-made line of clothing that wasn’t just focused on “faster, cheaper.” 
“The idea was to rethink the clothing and manufacturing and distribution chain to really serve the artisan, the designer, the final client and be sustainable for everyone instead of just enriching a few at the top end.” 
You can read more about IOU and see the collection on their website.


May 11, 2011


This week has been awfully long, and although the weather's been sunny, my mood has not been even close to chipper. I purchased a few vintage vases last week due to our lack of any vase whatsoever (every time there are flowers in the house they end up in the knife bucket thingy, which of course is no place for flowers)

On my way home I saw these sad looking flowers, on sale for 4 dollars, and thought  they'd look mighty handsome in one of my new-to-me vintage vases.  After all, I'm a self-made woman and if I want flowers, I should just go out and get some no?

And I do think they look quite lovely.



I got these in the mail today. Yay! Originally for a little project, but I think I'll be using them all over the place.

I ordered them off Etsy, through Pikwahchan and couldn't be happier... how cute are they?  Great for cards, and hanging photos up on an inspiration board, or on business cards...


May 9, 2011



I had brunch at Easy on Saturday with Elizabeth, a bit on the chilly side in the morning but it warmed right up. I love this weather; the sun, the blue skies, the grass... bliss.

I would definitely go back for the French Toast Croissant... seriously good (yeah that's real whipped cream nom nom nom), and the coffee was perfect.  They specialize in more mexican inspired breakfasts, and I think I will try their house speciality next time:

"HUEVOS DIVORCIADOS The house speciality: 2 sunny eggs on a corn tortilla with spicy green & red salsa, re-fried black beans with side guacamole, ancho jam, toasted baguette -- with salad or homefries."

It looks ridiculously good.

We had a bit of a fruitful day, looking for crafty goods to make fun bracelets with but failed in the end - it's hard to find cute stuff in Toronto for some reason... major womp womps.

Anyone know where a girl can get good craft goods in Downtown Toronto???

Lemme know!

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