May 4, 2010

For Emily

Dear Emily,

Remember 8 years ago, when I was graduating from high school and you in all your kindness and enthusiasm put together an inspiration board about what might look good on my awkward self for graduation ball. I had made a fleeting comment on how it was hard to find anything remotely interesting to wear and a few days later, I received a little something in an email. Well, dear Emily, here are yours. It's not much - I already know you will make for an exceptionally styling mum-to-be but it’s my little contribution for my far-away friend.

I know you will flourish as a mom. You are wonderful woman, friend, being. You’ll give that gorgeous baby plenty of roots to ground him, wings to see him thrive, and you’ll pass on all of that wonderful stuff that is Emily.

Love you.



  1. Noemie!

    Oh my goodness, this is so lovely! Thank you with all of my heart.
    This means so much to me and has inspired me greatly :)
    Oooooooooooh, I love it and I love you xx


  2. Oh Em, I'm so glad you liked it. haha now I need to get one done for your little one!!


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