Jul 12, 2010

Apolis Activism

Beautiful pieces from Apolis Activism.  These guys are modern-day activists/ humanitarians who also create beautiful clothing through sustainable development. Men after mine own heart for sure.

"“Apolis Activism is an independent contemporary brand that began with dreams and thread. Three brothers — Raan, Shea, and Stenn Parton — created a unique bridge between commerce and sustainable development. Through their travels they discovered stories of struggle and survival from visionaries and activists for change. These experiences shaped their perspective, resulting in a union of ideal and action. They anchored this vision in the word Apolis, which translates as “a citizen of no country” — where there are no flags and no borders, humanity is our common cause and greatest priority.”

They currently only have a men's collection but I'm crossing my fingers for a ladies line soon enough.


Please read more here: http://www.apolisactivism.com/

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