Apr 15, 2011

Bhati Beads

  1. Did you know there is a JCrew run Tumblr? And that it's not lame like most store-run blogs?
  2. I love these wrap bracelets/necklaces they are featuring - Bhati Beads.
  3. Total DIY project yeah?
To quote Jcrew here: 
"Bhati Beads are handmade in Margaret Maggard’s Wisconsin studio (fyi the website is terrible), about a half mile from the shores of Lake Michigan. Margaret began creating her yoga-inspired bracelets in 2002 while helping her then 10-year-old son study the solar system, which inspired the nine brass beads that are strung onto the bracelets above. The bead shape is a nod to her father, who was a manufacturer’s rep for nuts and bolts. The silk is hand dyed in the U.S. and each piece is unique."

Yup. xx!

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