Apr 12, 2011

Friendship bracelets

So, remember my last post about friendship bracelets? Seems that this trend has gone far since that last post and I'm happy to report that this trend is back in full swing. hurrah!

I can't say that I'm surprised though, The 90's are back, and so is everything crafty so this was an obvious one to make a comeback.  All you need now is to combine a few of those along with some lux-like bracelets and you've got yourself a tried-and-true jak and jil photo op.  If you'd like to buy some, check your local Urban Outfitters, or on Etsy (I found decent ones here.)  Of course, you can make these yourself, I remember they were super easy to do but then again, my hands were those of a nimble 10 year old then. I'm sure Youtube has a bunch of videos too!

Try making some like the ones below too, those are super rad and would look great alone too. The instructions are here.

pic and instructions from honestly...wtf



  1. Very nice! I love the look of your blog - so clean...and thanks for sharing my friendship bracelets!

  2. Thanks so much! And no problem on your bracelets, you have the best ones on Etsy!!


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