Apr 21, 2011

MaeMae Paperie


Oh its been a while since I wrote a post about illustration, design, inspiration, etc... And I didn't want to have to go back to anything I've already posted about (there is sooo much good stuff out there!) but I can never pass up Maemae paperie.  (My original post is here.) This amazing little company is in its third year of imagination and production under the direction of (the one and only) designer, Megan Knight Gonzalez.

I just love how she effortlessly combines inspiration and themes of the past with modern elements to make it look fresh, but with a certain level of comfort...(say what? I know I don't make sense. whatever it's my blog.)

Anyways, love her and love her stuff. I've included a few of her inspiration boards which of course, are great. please go through her pinterest, blog, and website.


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