May 9, 2011



I had brunch at Easy on Saturday with Elizabeth, a bit on the chilly side in the morning but it warmed right up. I love this weather; the sun, the blue skies, the grass... bliss.

I would definitely go back for the French Toast Croissant... seriously good (yeah that's real whipped cream nom nom nom), and the coffee was perfect.  They specialize in more mexican inspired breakfasts, and I think I will try their house speciality next time:

"HUEVOS DIVORCIADOS The house speciality: 2 sunny eggs on a corn tortilla with spicy green & red salsa, re-fried black beans with side guacamole, ancho jam, toasted baguette -- with salad or homefries."

It looks ridiculously good.

We had a bit of a fruitful day, looking for crafty goods to make fun bracelets with but failed in the end - it's hard to find cute stuff in Toronto for some reason... major womp womps.

Anyone know where a girl can get good craft goods in Downtown Toronto???

Lemme know!



  1. you didnt find anything at all those stores on queen west? i get all my jewelry supplies in that area

  2. no, we were looking for things like embroidery thread, and brass hex nuts, and apparently they don't exist in Toronto! grrr


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