May 23, 2011

IOU Clothing

Ok ok ok I've been away for days, but I promise it's because I've been working on a little  big project... I'm trying to get a website going for myself, a blog/portfolio/shop all-in-one kinda thing, and well, it's proven to be a handful. I'm hoping that I should be able to finish it and "unveil" it by mid-June but we'll see...

On another note, I discovered through Pinterest and Mint this amaaaazing project called the IOU Project.  IOU is pretty much my perfect vision for a clothing company - sustainable yet with great design, and presented with a clean and minimalist approach. These combinations are too hard impossible to find and yet here they are!

Kavita Parmar (owner and great visionary) dreamed of a sustainable, artisan-made line of clothing that wasn’t just focused on “faster, cheaper.” 
“The idea was to rethink the clothing and manufacturing and distribution chain to really serve the artisan, the designer, the final client and be sustainable for everyone instead of just enriching a few at the top end.” 
You can read more about IOU and see the collection on their website.


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