May 1, 2011


Hey so sometimes brunches are a necessity, and not just the standard kind where you just need to force-feed whatever fried food you find into your grumblin' belly, but some honest-to-goodness delicious food. My dear but oft-missed friends Lindsey and Enrico were in town, and after sobering up from the previous night, we met up at Bellevue in Kensington.

This little tiny diner at the corner of Bellevue and Nassau in Kensington Market serves breakfast, lunch and brunch fare that could be described as slightly different, but creative and tasty - kimchi and grilled beets we're featured on a few menu items, as were gluten-free cottage cheese pancakes and black beans on others.  My coffee was fantastic, and I heard the latte was too, as was the loose-leaf teas. 

We finished the meal with an ice cream desert topped with roasted walnuts, sesame, and candied sweet potato (told ya they were creative!) A great meal all around.

Of course, we needed more goodies and grabbed some fresh caramel-filled churros around the corner at Pancho's Bakery.  Yummmm-eee.


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