May 1, 2011

This Little Weekend

In case you have forgotten what these are: they're flowers! yes, those things that grow out of trees and bring about the birds and the bees and make the world go round!

Haha yes no jokes, they came out of hiding and rejoiced baring all but the leaves that follow quick after. Haha they make me giddy just looking at them. I think mama nature was tired of holding out and has given us that well needed break.

It's spring! Finally, with a freakin' capital f...  I'm pretty sure we won't be experiencing any more snow, slush, ice, sleet, white outs, or any other freak of nature weather conditions (Knock on WOOOOD!)

I gotta say, it's been a really hard winter, and I really don't know how much longer I could have held up my friendly Canadian attitude because I was turning into a giant Bitter Betty.  I'm pretty sure most of us needed some dire solar energy that was seriously lacking in the last few weeks months of this awful, horrible, disgusting winter.

womp dee womp life is good again :)

I had a great weekend that consisted of drinking, hanging, doggie sitting, skyping, movie watching, eating, drag queen dance-offs, and catching up with good friends. 

Great good really.  

Hope you all had an equally good weekend. love!


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